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  • Modern Card Effects and How to Perform Them
  • The Golden Jubilee Book of Magic
  • Magical Originalities
  • Latter Day Tricks
  • Miracles in Modern Magic
  • Behind the Scenes with the Mediums
  • Annemann's Buried Treasure
  • It's Fun to be Fooled
  • History of Magic and Magicians
  • Lives of the Conjurors
  • Sensational Tales Of Mystery Men
  • My Magic Life
  • The Encyclopedia Of Card Tricks
  • Paper Magic (Will Blyth)
  • Paper Magic (Houdini)
  • Our Magic
  • Our Mysteries
  • Adventures In Many Lands
  • Behind The Scenes With The Mediums
  • Miracle Mongers And Their Methods
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Our aim is to build a vast Magic library online for free access by magicians worldwide.

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Besides the magic books mentioned above...
Our Members-Only Area contains the following:

Weird Gene's
The Gene Poinc website. Enter into this Dark Corner... Gene will be your guide. Here you will find Bizarre Magic Routines, articles and stories. Gene is a regular contributor to our much acclaimed The Learned Pig Magic eZine.

Download Area
With certain regularity we produce Magic eBooks which are distributed free of charge to our members. At this moment we have the following Magic eBooks for free download:

  • The Secrets of Conjuring and Magic (Robert-Houdin)
  • Magicians's Tricks: How They Are Done (Hatton & Plate)
  • The Expert at the Card Table (Erdnase)
  • Memoirs of Robert-Houdin (Robert-Houdin)
  • Conjurer Dick (Hoffmann)
  • Practical Mindreading (Atkinson)
  • The Expositor (Pinchbeck)
  • Paper Magic (Blyth)

TLP Magic eZine Archives
Here you will find all past issues of our monthly Magic eZine, delivered via eMail to all members. Here we also store the supplemental files and images pertaining to this publication. Subscription to our eZine is free and comes bundled with membership.

Magic Articles
Many interesting and informative articles about the Art of Magic.

The Chang Archives
A very complete collection of photos, memorabilia and articles about one of the greatest travelling magicians of the 20th century. Marvellous stuff!

Magical Sketches
Complete scripts and/or descriptions of some wonderful magic sketches of years gone by. Magic and theater combined!

Programs of Magicians
Description of the programs of old-time magicians. You'll be surprised at some of the ideas found here.

The Learned Pig Magic eZine
Last but not least, enjoy our terrific magic eZine. Sent on a monthly basis and now in its 10th issue, TLP magic eZine is received by almost 1,700 magicians worldwide! (As of august 15th, 2000.)

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